Our Faculty Painting Department, which was established in 2015, started its education by taking its first students since 2017-2018 academic year.

1 Associate Professor, 3 Lecturer. Member, 1 Lect. Officer and 1 Res. She continues her education with six faculty members. Our faculty members participate in national and international artistic activities and strengthen their academic knowledge and experience.

In two years, two books, two articles, eighteen international exhibitions, eight symposiums and five personal exhibitions will be held in our department and will continue to represent our faculty and our university in the scientific and artistic field. In addition, our department has realized and exhibited the u Art Meeting ini exhibition where all art producers meet at the university.

In our department, three painting workshops and two classrooms are actively used. The necessary equipment and electronic equipment are available in our workshops and classes, and a modern education is provided in modern environment with internet connection. Our department hosts all kinds of artistic activities and also supports all artistic activities in our city.

Our students, who are artists, art educators and designers, also receive a Professional Foreign Language (English) education. Thus, our students may have the opportunity to work as an artist, educator and designer at the end of their education and also in academic fields. In addition, computer-aided graphic design programs are taught in our department and our students can work in occupations related to these programs. Click for more information