The Faculty of Fine Arts of Sinop University, which has been established in 2015 and started education activities with the Department of Painting in the 2017-2018 Education Year and activated the Department of Music in the Department of Music in 2018-2019 Education Year, will contribute to the artistic richness of our city and our country. priority.

Our faculty also aims to maximize the artistic competencies of our students and to take an active role in the artistic activities of our country with these competencies they have when they graduate.

The negative conditions that we face in the physical structure, while limiting the adequacy of the active parts of our active departments, are making an intensive effort to gain new areas to be used by our faculty in the central campus planned to be completed as soon as possible.

Our Faculty’s academic and administrative staff, together with the growth of our faculty, will increase the number and diversity of the faculty, as well as the academic, administrative and democratic, participatory, productive and efficient management style. All of our staff are self-confident, equipped with sufficient knowledge of the field, and are open to all kinds of cooperation. It is our biggest aim to make more efficient and productive works within the scope of the collaborations to be carried out with the private sector and other public institutions.